A handy HR checklist for July and August

By: Margery McBain

Date: 4 July 2012

As we’re now into the second half of the year, now is a good time to start planning and get your business ready for what lies ahead. Here is my handy HR checklist of things you should be thinking about over the coming months.

July 2012

  • Make sure you keep your eye on your holiday allocations, ensuring that all staff are taking their entitlements, while making sure you have enough cover!
  • Keep in mind those employees who have children and plan early on how you will manage their workload and holidays over the summer period.
  • Make sure you take time to review targets and objectives to ensure you are on track, or need to refocus on team or individual objectives.
  • Keep healthy – the lighter nights are a perfect time for employees to de-stress and take part in exercise in the summer months. Encourage this type of activity.
  • The Olympics and Wimbledon are taking place this summer – are you going to put provisions in place to allow staff to watch big events?

 August 2012

  • Festivals, festivals, festivals. Across the UK there is a festival to suit every taste and by way of a thank you to your staff, why not host your own event?
  • Watch out for people’s timekeeping and attendance – keep a track and an early word in someone’s ear may prevent this turning into a bigger issue.
  • With children starting or returning to school, parents may need to rethink working hours and working arrangements, you may need to manage these through flexible working requests.
  • When they return from holiday, refocus staff onto objectives and targets to motivate and encourage them.

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