A handy HR checklist for November and December

By: Margery McBain

Date: 2 July 2012

With winter almost upon us, now is a good time to plan for the final few months of the year. Here is my handy HR checklist of things you should be thinking about over the coming months.

November 2012

  • Make sure that staff have taken all of their holiday entitlement for the year, so that you minimise the number of holidays being carried forward.
  • Review the training budget and consider whether all the training plans have been met or not.  Is it time to consider different or more training to boost skills and morale during the dark months?
  • Consider offering flu jabs to employees or at least promoting the benefits of flu jabs to your team to help reduce absence through the winter.

December 2012

  • The festive season is upon us, but it’s also important to remember those who don’t celebrate Christmas who may have their own religious requirements.
  • This is usually a joyful time to celebrate, however for some it can be difficult personal time, so get to know your staff and bear this in mind.
  • Many of us like to celebrate with a drink at the office party, but remember to take care of employees, make sure they get home safely and remember you need to set a good example.
  • Thinking ahead for next year, you may need to consider salary reviews for 2013 and the benefits package that you can offer your team.
  • Some benefits, although a benefit in kind, can be cost-effective to the business.  For example, private medical care, dental care or gym membership will also benefit the business by minimising disruption through absence and by promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • There are also salary sacrifice schemes, for example, childcare vouchers or bike-to-work schemes, which can offer tax efficient benefits to employees.

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