Just as retail footfall increases – store staff want a holiday!

By: Clare Rayner

Date: 26 July 2012

Just as retail footfall increases-store staff want a holiday/happy coffe{{}}School holidays are traditionally when retailers enjoy increased footfall. Of course, this is also exactly the time when some staff want time off to spend with their kids.

When it comes to managing staff holidays, many small businesses always struggle – not just retailers. However, all small firms can prepare to have well-trained resources available when regular staff want a break.

The answer is students. During term time most students can only manage weekend work – which is good for the retailers, as you can take them on for your busiest periods, ensure regular staff get some weekends off every month and get the weekend staff trained up. Students always need extra cash – and they’re usually available full time during the school holiday periods. Therefore, if you play your cards right, you can have competent, loyal, well-trained staff available when you need them.

Approach your local university, college or school 6th form and ask if you can advertise weekend/holiday positions on the notice boards or intranet. Make sure your interview and selection process is entirely professional and always ensure you provide high quality training.

Train your student workforce during part-time weekend hours in term-time so that when it comes to school holidays you’ll be confident enough to let your regular full timers take time off, leaving your student workforce to rise to the challenge of providing holiday cover.

Having the right mix of staff available to cover peaks and troughs, seasonal variations and key staff holiday cover is a great benefit. You’ll know your customer experience won’t be compromised and you’ll be able to capitalise on increased seasonal footfall. 

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