The seven-step plan to creating great business ideas

By: Feven Iyassu

Date: 2 August 2012

In these challenging times, those who stand out with innovative ideas and approach to business are much more likely to succeed.

Examples of business innovators include entrepreneur Sir Eric Peacock, founder of Babygro, who installed video camera booths in the office to encourage his employees to comment on business ideas.

When coming up with ideas, Walt Disney set up three distinct rooms. One to create the most fantastical ideas he could; the second to re-examine those ideas from a practical point of view; and the third to shoot holes in the ideas he came up with.

So, how can your business boost innovation and improve the bottom line?

To help firms get the most out of their ideas generation sessions and generate useful ideas, Professor Dominic Swords from Henley Business School has teamed up with Orange to develop a seven-step plan to creating great ideas. The plan reveals secrets used by the world’s most innovative businesses, including 3M, Diageo and Bupa.

The seven-step plan covers everything from how to conduct ideas generation sessions and get the best ideas out of your team to – most importantly – how to implement these ideas to benefit your business.

The Creating Great Ideas plan was put to the test when Orange invited three small businesses to take part in an ideas brainstorm on the London Eye. Watch the 7 Degrees of Innovation video here. You can download the seven-step guide here.

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