Global Entrepreneurship Week - Pass It On!

By: Andrew Devenport

Date: 8 November 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Pass It On!/holding a globe{{}}Starting a business can be one of the most challenging, nerve-wracking – yet rewarding – decisions you can ever make. The good news is that there’s a lot of other people out there who’ve been there, done it, and have great advice they can share.

But the entrepreneurial community is spread thin, and, let’s face it, often pretty busy. So how do you go about tapping in to all the wisdom that’s out there?

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is about helping you do just that. Running from 12-18 November, with some 2,500 events in the UK alone, this year’s theme is ‘Pass It On’ – asking anyone who’s been involved in starting a business to share the advice that’s been the most helpful to them in their entrepreneurial journey, with an eye to helping those just starting out.

Entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes will be sharing their thoughts on social media and in the media (follow us at @GEWUK and #GEWPassItOn for more updates). But there’s also a wealth of events happening all around the country, including: 

  • The high-profile Entrepreneurs 2012 conference, with former US President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker.
  • UKTI running Export Week, with events across the UK providing bespoke advice via experts from 70 markets.
  • Barclays (who support Global Entrepreneurship Week) running their UK-wide Get Ready seminars.

Even if you’re too busy to get to such events, there’s plenty you can get involved with virtually. For example, The Global Brainstorm will broadcast live from a central London location, featuring a free live brainstorming session asking the question – What do you need to know to succeed?. And the Business & IP Centre at the British Library is hosting two webinars each day to give you the essential information you need to protect your business and improve profitability.

So, between 12 and 18 November, take some time out of your working day to get involved. Whether you’re looking for information or want to share it, you can be part of the world’s biggest annual celebration of entrepreneurship. And you never know – you might find the answer to that business puzzle that’s so far eluded you…

Andrew Devenport is the Chief Executive Officer of Youth Business International, which manages Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK. For more information visit

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