Happy National Freelancer Day!

By: Rachel Miller

Date: 21 November 2012

There are about 1.6 million freelancers in the UK — and today is your special day! There are lots of events happening to mark National Freelancer Day (NFD), including parties around the country.

Even if you are grafting away in your home office right now or perhaps catching up on work in a café — let’s face it, one of the joys of freelance life is being to work anywhere — why not stop and smell the roses and consider this — are you happier now than you were when you were office-bound? Would you ever go back?

According to online accountants Crunch Accounting, half of UK freelancers say they will never return to a 9-5 existence. Research released today shows that 47% of all UK freelancers would never be tempted back to the office.

The survey, commissioned to mark National Freelancers Day, asked UK freelancers how they might tempted back to a so-called “proper job”. Although many said that they would never go back, there were certain benefits that proved tempting. The most appealing lures were more flexible working hours (18%), more money (13%) and more control (8%).

One thing many freelance workers crave is more human contact — and if that’s the case there are some NFD parties just for you taking place around the country — in Brighton, Leeds, Edinburgh and Newcastle. Find out more here.

There’s also the National Freelancers Day Event at the RSA in central London. And while the tickets have sold out, you can watch online from 19.00 on the NFD website. It includes a Question Time-style debate on topical issues affecting freelancers involving leading lights from the worlds of business and politics. You can tweet live questions using the tag #NFD2012).

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