Six social media tips

By: Lucy Cohen

Date: 28 November 2012

Six social media tips/social media{{}}Lucy Cohen, co-owner of Mazuma (a national service specialising in providing monthly bookkeeping and accountancy services to small businesses and the self-employed), shares her advice on using social media for business.

1. 10 heads are better than one

“Ensure all staff have a vested interest in (or are aware of) your social media activities - making it part of regular business. You’ll be able to generate more content and ‘buy in’ from your staff when everyone is informed and involved.” 

2. Be creative

“If you can’t be creative within the realm of digital media, where can you be creative? Use social media for fun yet professional communication with your audience/clients. Why not create an alternate personality for your business that your audience can speak to?”

3. Give what you get

“Use your social media channels for two-way communication. Some audiences, particularly younger people, prefer to communicate via this medium. Don’t be afraid to respond in the location where the conversation began.” 

4. Be strategic

Have a strategy in place; know your objectives. You must know what you want your business to get out of your social media and online activities.” 

5. Keep it open and honest

“There is always a risk that your online community will be exposed to negative comments about your organisation. Don’t ‘jump to delete’. Use criticisms as an opportunity to be open, transparent and honest with your audience.”

6. Get involved – whatever your business

Most, if not all, customers are engaging on these platforms online, they offer real potential to retain clients and meet new clients, whatever your business, get involved – or you may be left behind as technology advances.

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