What can happen if you file your tax return after the deadline

By: Laura Ginn

Date: 30 January 2013

https://www.startupdonut.co.uk/blog/2013/01/what-can-happen-if-you-file-your-tax-return-after-deadline{{10}}Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! There is nothing like a good deadline to get you motivated, especially when it comes to that glorious time of year when taxes are due. Still, as we all get busy with our daily lives and other obligations, that 31 January deadline can creep up on us and leave us scrambling to complete them on time.

By mid-January an astonishing half a million people will not have filed their taxes with just two weeks left to do so. The result: many late filings and post-deadline tax returns. So, what can you expect if your tax return does not get there in time?

Over with…

Okay, chances are if you file your tax return after the deadline your life will not be over with. There will be no execution mob that comes after you, but there may be something much worse – the government.

The government has not, in recent decades especially, taken lightly to the idea of missed or late tax returns. In 1992, it began to reassess the laws and provide individuals and businesses with stiffer penalties for not paying their taxes on time.


The penalties for filing your tax return late can be high. Firstly, there is an initial penalty of £100. You will then be charged £10 a day for the first three months up to the date that you submit your return, up to a maximum of £900.  So, for example, if you file your tax return on the 12 February, you will incur a fine of £220 (a £100 initial penalty plus £120 for the 12 days you were late). If six months pass and you still haven’t got around to filing, you will either be fined 5% of the tax due or receive an extra £300 fine. And if a whole year goes by you will receive the same fine again. You may also be asked to pay your tax bill in full on top of all of the fines outlines above – which is something that no business wants to end up having to face.

Seek help

With so many complications and filing issues, it would be better to avoid the late penalties and get on track with filing your return on time. Easier said the done! Rather than trying to take on the task all on your own, consider using the resources around you. Specifically, those in the financial fields well versed in the laws can help. Accountants are individuals who understand taxes and will be able to help you reach your end goal of filing more easily. Consider them as a great resource to avoid the penalties that late filing face.

Laura Ginn writes for www.realbusinessrescue.co.uk, a website that offers help to businesses that are in trouble.

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