Start-up funding for aspiring young entrepreneurs

By: Guest contributor

Date: 13 May 2013

Start-up funding for aspiring young entrepreneurs/logo{{}}The Start-Up Loans Company, part of the government’s solution to help kick-start enterprise in England and create more jobs for 18-30 year olds, is being championed by tech whizz kid and serial entrepreneur Josh Buckley (@joshbuckley), CEO of gaming giant MinoMonsters. Although born and raised in Kent, in 2010 Josh moved to Silicon Valley to start up MinoMonsters, aged just 18.

Now a web veteran at the tender age of just 21, Josh already has a decade’s wealth of experience behind him, and now he is looking to help other young people like him realise their potential by becoming their own boss.

Josh started freelance coding at the age of 11 after his family bought a computer. He sold his company first company, Menewsha, a virtual world, for a six-figure sum at the age of 15. Josh then went on to create the global kids phenomenon MinoMonsters in 2011. This gaming venture has been called “the next Disney” by many commentators. Buckley raised $2m for the company at the age of 19 from leading venture capital firms.

Leading entrepreneur, former Dragon and Start-Up Loans Company chairman James Caan is hugely impressed by Josh’s business journey and believes it will inspire other young would-be entrepreneurs across many sectors. And with more than £100m to give to young people across England, such aspirations can find the financial backing it needs.

Caan believes that Josh’s story shows that business success is achievable for people of all ages, providing you have a good idea and the passion to make it work. He is delighted to have Josh’s support to help inspire young entrepreneurs in England.

The Start-Up Loans Company has already backed numerous tech enterprises, including a wide range of app developers. Now is a fantastic time to turn your passion into a business. With the help of Josh Buckley and James Caan, The Start-Up Loans Company is in an even stronger position to help young aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Apply today at

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