How to use Facebook events to boost your profile

By: Lucy Harper

Date: 27 June 2013

How to use Facebook events to boost your profile/thumbs up{{}}By now, many small businesses use social media as an integral part of their marketing – and that of course includes Facebook. With approximately 937m users around the world, Facebook can help start-ups and other businesses to expand their reach and boost sales.

Yet one of the most overlooked features of Facebook is its event page. It’s common to think that an event page is only useful if you’re going to hold an actual, face-to-face event. But holding on to this misconception can cost you further chances to build your following. These tips can help you effectively incorporate Facebook events into your marketing plan.

1 Decide on Your Event

No matter what business you’re in, you’re likely to have upcoming sales, product introductions or service discounts. Turn one of these occasions into an event and attract a great deal more attention than you would with a banner on your website or a sign in your shop display. As long as you use the default settings on your Facebook event, it will be visible to your Facebook friends and their friends, as well. 

2 Establish interest from the start

Attract interest with a catchy title and concise event description. Use keywords to bring potential customers to you. For example, rather than calling your event “Spring Furniture Sale”, you’ll create more interest and draw consumers who are more likely to convert to customers with an event title such as “Exclusive Easter Weekend Sale on Custom-Made Wooden Farmhouse Furniture”. A title such as this one will attract people looking for Easter weekend sales, custom-made furniture, wooden furniture and farmhouse furniture.

3 Cater to the visually oriented

As you create your Facebook event page, include photos and videos. While you don’t want to overload your page with uploads, a few well-chosen photos can increase interest. Choose photos of you or a staff member with your product or service. Create a short video to introduce yourself and talk about your event. This increases the human factor in your event and also serves to establish a connection between you and your event attendees.

4 Include a website link for registration and mailing list

Anyone invited to your Facebook event can RSVP on the event page, but you’ll also want to include a link back to your business website for event registration. Encourage people to take this extra step by entering all registrants into a raffle for a free or discounted product or service. Likewise, allow event registrants to opt into your email subscriber list, so you can contact them about future events and other things.

5 Invite everyone

Don’t limit your Facebook event invitations to the people you’re connected with there. Invite people on your email list, as well as friends, family and in-store customers to attend the event. Ask them to share the event invitation to further multiply your potential attendees and exposure. If you have a business blog, promote the event there, as well as on Twitter and Pinterest.

6 Approach Facebook events as any other type of social media marketing

Learn as much as you can from each experience, so you can refine your steps and actions for the next event. Additionally, it’s important not to overdo it with Facebook events. More than likely, you know at least one other small-business person who sends out event invitations weekly. After a while, you and everyone else begin to ignore those invitations. Avoid becoming invisible by planning and scheduling noteworthy Facebook events when they’re warranted. This will help you build and maintain interest with current as well as new followers and customers.

By Lucy Harper of specialist digital marketing and social media campaigns agency Touchpoint Digital

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