Use the Big Three to ensure marketing success

By: Guest contributor

Date: 19 August 2013

Use the Big Three to ensure marketing success/human hand with 3 fingers pointing up  {{}}There are countless tools available to help entrepreneurs market to their target audience. The truth is that you only need a few — three, to be exact — to get the job done and do it well.

Your company can market to a targeted audience successfully with just email, social media and design. As long as you know how to use these to suit your needs, your marketing efforts will go far.

The power of three

Email marketing, social media, and design are three of the most common forms of marketing, however, they’re common because they’re the most effective. The added benefit is that they require a smaller investment than more traditional forms of advertising.

These three have the power to drive almost all of your marketing efforts. By designing a great blog on your website and creating content, you can comment on issues related to your industry and post exciting information and updates about your company’s growth. Once you’ve created a strong email list of active customers, you can drive traffic to your blog by sending email marketing messages.

You can also use this channel to send special offers or encourage people to upgrade. The valuable and insightful content produced for your blog and email marketing campaigns can also be used on social media outlets. Engage current and prospective customers with updates that showcase your expertise or entice them to buy.

Basically, your emails will attract customers, social media will influence them, and design will keep them coming back.

Get the most out of the tools

As simple as these three marketing tools are, you have to find unique ways to utilise them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Email campaigns: Create useful, pertinent and timely content for your industry, company or product. Develop high-quality graphics to showcase your credibility and authority. Measure the effectiveness of your subject lines, and continue to analyze engagement and click-through rates.
  • Social media: Play with fun ideas. The content that engages people isn’t always what you think, so experiment with off-the-wall tactics, such as using memes.
  • Design: A well-designed, easy-to-navigate site should be your main goal. Showcase the benefits of your product or service, instead of its features, to really make this piece of the puzzle invaluable. Consistently create new content for your blog and work to get backlinks from other sites.

Marketing your company and attracting new audiences doesn’t always require huge investment. Email, social and design are essential to the long-term success of your marketing and sales efforts. Make an investment in these three and build upon them for future marketing growth.

Marketing expert John R. Stokka is the CEO of DomiKnow, which helps businesses to grow by using marketing solutions powered by a database of over 350 million US consumers.

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