10 top UK entrepreneurs who started with less than £25k

By: Guest contributor

Date: 30 October 2014

Sir Phillip Green has topped Britain's first ever Rags to RichList, closely followed by Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley and Virgin billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Start Up Loans (a government-funded scheme that provides advice, business loans and mentoring to startups) compiled the Rags to RichList after researching leading entrepreneurs' start-up capital and the current value of their businesses.

With just a £20,000 loan to start his first business, Sir Philip Green went on to take over the Arcadia Group and is now worth a staggering £3.88bn. Similarly, Mike Ashley used a £10,000 loan to start Sports Direct and is now worth £3.75bn, while Sir Richard Branson's startup capital was a mere £300, which he used to start building an empire now worth £3.6bn. Read on to find out who else made the list.

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