Want to do what you love and be profitable? Join the revolution!


Date: 12 September 2016

Want to do what you love and be profitable? Join the revolution!A revolution has been happening in the business world; but it has crept up on us so slowly that many of us haven’t even noticed.

Those at the forefront of the revolution not only do extremely well in business, but they also seem to be sailing through it in a state of bliss. This is equally true for people setting up their own businesses as it is for those who are high flyers in existing businesses.

Before the revolution, starting your own business or rising up the career ladder were seen primarily as a means of making money.

And then there was a massive cultural shift.

Post-revolution, making money in business is a given but it is no longer the sole aim; and yet, because of this, revolutionary businesses are now enjoying extraordinary financial success. Making money is an outcome achieved along the way; it's important but it is no longer the driver, it's no longer the purpose.

Meet the change-makers

Business people at the vanguard of this revolution use their business and career as an extension of themselves to create something meaningful. They are change-makers and they are doing astonishingly well in this new business world. They are people who follow their dream and do something remarkable.

In my book The Freedom Revolution, I show how they are breaking the business shackles, ridding themselves of all the preconceptions and enjoying the freedom; freedom to pursue their passion and be happy.

As the change-maker in a business, you are a creator, an artist and a rebel against everything that has gone before. You revolt to set yourself free, to pursue your dream, and then set others free to pursue theirs. You will be making money as a result but that is not your prime goal. This will involve financial and emotional risk as well as putting your personal reputation on the line, but the return on investment is your freedom. And that is the best ROI out there.

Finding your purpose

It is only when you are free and your business is fuelled by a purpose that is truly aligned with your passion and core values, that you suddenly feel alive like you have never felt before. This is when you know that freedom has trumped fear and you just know you can do it.

Copyright © 2016 Penina Shepherd is an entrepreneur, lawyer and founder of Acumen Business Law; she is also the author of business bestseller The Freedom Revolution.

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