Mindfulness for small businesses


Date: 13 January 2017

If you run a small business you might feel that you don’t have the time or space to embrace mindfulness and meditation in your working day. After all, you don’t have the training budget of a larger firm and there's no time for company away days. However, smart SMEs are finding that adoption of mindfulness practices allows them to get ahead of the pack.

Getting started with mindfulness

Everyone's mindfulness meditation journey starts in a different place. Some get stressed and burned out by the pressures of business; some suffer from anxiety, self-doubt and depression; some experience a traumatic life event and need respite and healing.

But there is also a practical benefit from mindfulness meditation. When you treat yourself to ten minutes of "me time" each day, you will discover that it opens doors to a more successful and rewarding life and makes it easier to run a profitable business.

Imagine a world where opportunity abounds; clients finding you; and having more time on your hands. Imagine invention, creativity and innovation oozing out of your pores. Picture a happier workplace, a more motivated team and higher levels of productivity as a result. Imagine a full order book and a queue of people wanting to come and work with you.

Bright ideas

One of the peculiarities of the human mind is that it can only hold one thought at a time. Think about this sentence and you will find whatever you are thinking about gets replaced by that very thought. Think about what you had for breakfast this morning and that notion gets replaced yet again by the image of cereal, toast, fruit or bacon and eggs.

So if mindfulness meditation has a killer USP, it is this. When we still the mind, we become receptive to receiving flashes of brilliance. Each one of us is only one meditation away from an idea that can transform our business.

Extended me time

It is an urban myth that the left brain is logical and that the right brain is creative. Both hemispheres process creative thoughts and follow logical sequences.

However, neuroscientists have discovered that the left and right hemispheres undertake different tasks. More specifically they undertake similar tasks differently. In general, the left brain handles detail and processes learned responses and sits inside space and time. The right brain looks at the whole, embraces the new and sits everywhere and "everywhen" else.

While this is a vast over-simplification, what is known is that when we meditate, one of the beneficial side effects is that both hemispheres synchronise and harmonise together. When we enter this state, which some call "the zone", time seems to take on a "stretchy" quality and we end up getting more done in less time.

So what are you waiting for? The best time for the owner of an SME to start meditating is today.

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