Standing on the shoulders of giants


Date: 15 September 2017

Standing on the shoulders of giantsThere's a common misconception that companies have to be the size of a FTSE100 blue chip to be of relevance to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

You don't have to be turning over hundreds of millions to go public and list your company on London markets like the AIM - that option is open to young, growing companies too, sometimes even without revenue.

Innovation hotspots

South Wales, for example, has become a real hub for disruptive technology businesses – in fact, 99% of businesses in Wales are SMEs, many of them technological start-ups with great ideas and capability for innovation, but lacking the means to grow in business terms.

Technology is a hot sector right now and there are lots of people trying to get in on the action. It's really important that companies implement best practice early on, and are ready and able to access the equity growth capital needed to fund their organisation.

The role of the London Stock Market Group

The companies that achieve this are far more likely to survive and succeed; LSEG's role is to ensure we're partnering with those companies to offer support where we can, whether that be in London or outside the capital.

Our teams in the UK and worldwide work with business owners and management teams to help them grow sustainably and, critically, to show them how to fund that growth.

We work to clarify the ambitions of a business, identify or help develop its exit strategy and consider other issues that might affect the types of finance right for its growth.

We sit right at the heart of the financial community and have access to top quality advisers across a range of fields, including law, finance and communications. In addition, we run an 18-month business support programme for high-growth companies called ELITE.

ELITE is designed to prepare companies for external investment and future growth – businesses like OpenGenius, who will be live streaming to Cardiff's Digital festival from our HQ in London.

We're hosting a workshop at Wales' Digital festival 18th - 19th September looking at how SMEs can access finance for future growth. You can get more information and register for free tickets at the festival website.

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