Is your workspace damaging productivity?


Date: 9 January 2018

Is your workspace damaging productivity?As we move into a brand new year, you may be thinking about changes you can make to support your employees and improve your business. Simple changes to your office and working environment can help make your team happier - and more productive.

What are your workspace options, and how can they impact on the quality and quantity of work that your team produces?

Remote working

More companies than ever are offering a range of remote working options to employees, whether that's working from home full-time or allowing flexible working hours.

Although some companies are wary, studies have shown that employees who work remotely or from home are just as productive as those who work full-time from the office.

Co-working spaces

Co-working is a great alternative to traditional offices. You can choose from a range of workspace options - from dedicated offices to individual desks, and include social, meeting and breakout spaces too.

In addition to this, many co-working spaces provide more than just a desk and wifi. Think networking events, business support and perks such as beer on tap - a sure-fire way to keep your team happy!


If you opt for a traditional office, there are still decisions to be made around how you set out your workspace to improve your team's productivity.

Open-plan offices can be a great option for teams that need to work collaboratively, allowing an easy flow and exchange of ideas. For some employees, though, not having their own space or a quiet corner to work in can prove challenging.

Before opting for an open-plan office, make sure to consider the preferences of your key team members, or ensure there are quiet areas for people to use should they need to.

The alternative, a cubicle office set-up, can be seen as old-fashioned nowadays, but can still be of benefit to some businesses. For those whose roles require long periods of intense concentration, cubicles can provide a perfect environment to get stuck into work undisturbed.

By spending a little time considering your team's needs before deciding on a workspace option, you may be able to boost both your employees' happiness and their productivity.

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