Five steps to true career satisfaction


Date: 17 May 2018

Five steps to true career satisfactionYou want to be successful in your career as an entrepreneur, and in life. But what do 'career' and 'success' mean to you? Have you ever asked yourself? Have you ever really explored the question, contemplated and maybe meditated? What does a successful career mean to YOU?

Most of our lives we tend to live according to the standards, rules and visions of others, of the culture we are born into and of the 'common' understanding of something. But your career is very personal, isn't it? One day, you will want to look back and be happy with what you see.

Here are five tips for achieving true career satisfaction.

1. Start at the beginning

Are you happy with where you are at the moment? Did you plan it out, or have you just ended up where you are out of luck? There is no right or wrong answer, but you should at least be aware of what path you are following.

2. Check back

No matter where you are at the moment, from time to time, think about if you are in the right place with the right plan.

Remember that our careers are never set in stone. We never just follow one path, instead it will deviate and change direction. So re-envisage your dreams and your goals, and then ensure the path you are on will bring you there.

3. Ask how it makes you feel

When adjusting your career plan, ask yourself "How does it make you feel?" How does the vision make you feel? Has that feeling changed?

It is crucial that you feel good about what you are doing - so even if the next career step brings you closer to your goal, you should never replace being happy and feeling good.

4. Be aware that it's your choice

Sometimes you may feel like you are driven by responsibilities and circumstances. Even so, you have a number of different choices to make throughout your life, all of which can have big impacts on where you end up.

Your business belongs to you. That means you get to make the decisions and you will deal with the consequences. It doesn't matter what others think, nor if you change your mind.

5. Go for it!

Never settle for the treadmill. Once you have assessed your path, checked back that you are in the right spot and you feel good with where you are, put in all you have.

Should you decide for a change, be bold and go for it! If change is needed once more, go for it with all you have - again! Remember - your career is your adventure, and you are the hero.

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