Five big lessons to boost your start-up success

Contributor - Gemma Went

Five big lessons to boost your start-up successWhen it comes to creating success for your start-up, there are some pieces of business advice that you will hear all the time - and that's because they actually work.

These are things that I've experienced in my own business, that I've seen in my clients and that I've heard about from some of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

If you want to learn from the people who have done it, and save yourself valuable time figuring out how to blast your own business results, these five big lessons will help.

1. Create consistent income

Consistent income is a cornerstone of my business. There is no need to struggle with the "feast or famine" cycle; it will only stress you out and get in the way of your creativity.

Developing a start-up model that brings you regular income is how you give yourself the space to do your best work.

There are lots of options:

  • a subscription service;
  • a membership site;
  • a payment plan for a group programme;
  • client retainers.

Building a more reliable, less hustle-focused income is what will keep you in flow - and that's where we all want to be.

2. Find and play to your strengths

Do what suits you. You may be bombarded with advice about what you should do, but why spend time and energy doing things you absolutely hate? Find a model that works for you and your team.

When it comes to marketing your start-up, you might have started with livestreaming before discovering you don't really enjoy it. That's fine, perhaps you could try podcasting next. Keep dabbling until you hit your sweet spot.

To get maximum results, you want to spend your energy where you're at your best, so don't do things simply because you feel you should - it's a sure-fire way to burn out. People will respond to your authenticity.

3. Don't be afraid to 'go left'

Trends come and go, and there's always a new hot thing to follow. You'll often notice a lot of big internet names trying out the same tactics all of a sudden, but that doesn't mean you need to follow suit.

There is no cookie cutter model. My rule of thumb is that if I see everybody doing something, I'll do something different. I don't want to be the same as everyone else.

Or if I see everyone doing something that I really, really want to do, because I think it will really serve me and my people, I just look for a way to do it better.

4. Focus on one tactic at a time

One mistake I see so many people make is trying to master every single marketing activity out there. If you try to do everything, you'll just be mediocre. My advice is to look at what's available, and decide what you're genuinely drawn to:

  • What will connect you with your audience?
  • What will help you reach your business goals?
  • What will you enjoy?

Pick something, and learn everything you can about that one activity. If you decide it doesn't work for you, put it to one side and move onto another. Once you're doing something really well, only then should you move onto a new tactic.

I know some incredibly successful online entrepreneurs who only use Facebook to market their business and they do it brilliantly.

Try everything in turn, then go back to the ones that get you the results you want.

5. Get out of your own way

The biggest thing getting in your way is you. We are our own worst enemies. The worrying and the doubting are the biggest obstacles to our own progress.

It's such a common problem. I work with so many women who deserve to be truly successful, but so often they struggle to get to that point… and it's all because of their mindset.

Henry Ford said it best - whether you think you can or you can't, you're right.

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