How shrink wrap can make your business more efficient


Date: 27 March 2019

Warehouse filled with shrink-wrapped goods sitting on pallets and shelves filled with goodsIf your business has a physical product, you will know how important packaging is. It will be one of your main concerns during the production process.

However, packaging can influence other aspects of your business including revenue and growth. You should carefully consider how you package and ship your product, taking into account safety and quality standards - whilst keeping your packaging as efficient as possible to help cut costs.

Reviewing your packaging solution can help you strengthen your business. Considering the way materials are used during shipping to the way it looks and what it costs can reveal opportunities to save time and money. We look at why shrink wrap may be the perfect packaging solution for your business.

Cost-effective packaging

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and shrink wrap machinery is a very cost-effective method of packaging. Shrink wrap is used widely throughout the food, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries due to the low running costs and minimal wastage. Shrink wrap machines can be especially beneficial for smaller businesses due to the speed at which they work - saving resources and energy costs.

Storing goods

It is likely that your products will be stored before they are shipped. You need to ensure that they remain fit for purpose. Shrink wrap can protect your product from any elements which may damage it. Shrink wrap will also fit differently shaped products with complete ease, and due to its waterproof nature, you can be sure that your products will be safe.

Transit and shipping costs

Many businesses use predesigned and premade packaging as it is cheaper to produce and purchase in bulk. It is often considered to be one of the cheaper ways of packaging products. However, premade packaging can actually increase shipping costs as you may end up paying for what is essentially empty space within boxes in lorries, ships or planes.

If your products are packed into boxes, it can often leave a lot of empty space around the product. Even if the product does not fill the box, it will still take up the same amount of space as if the box were full. However, shrink wrapping your products allows more items to be transported at one time as there is no wasted space - reducing transportation and shipping costs.

Prevent damaged goods

One of the main reasons we use packaging is to prevent our products from being damaged. If an item is damaged during delivery to a customer, it will impact customer loyalty and satisfaction. If an item is damaged during delivery to the store where it will be sold, it can cause a reduction in sales figures and the price you can charge.

It is frustrating for both the business and consumer to receive damaged goods, so it is critical for your business to prevent damage during transit. Shrink wrap is extremely durable, meaning that it will protect your products from outside elements such as dust, moisture and other potential damaging forces.

Is shrink wrap right for your business?

With so many different packaging options available, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your product and business. You should consider packaging early in the product design process to avoid confusion further down the line. Shrink wrap is an extremely versatile packaging solution that can be suitable for many small businesses, so you should consider it as a potential packaging solution for your business.

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