Why going green is a smart move for start-ups


Date: 11 March 2019

A start-up team discuss sustainability and how to reduce their business environmental impact.If you're planning on starting a new business, there are plenty of factors to consider, from perfecting your product offering to creating a marketing strategy, hiring staff, and taking care of tax.

With all that going on during the start-up stages, environmental considerations can sometimes be missed. However, that could well be a huge mistake.

The upside of going green isn't just felt by nature - new businesses can also see huge benefits when they factor sustainability into their daily operations.

Here at Kaiser&Kraft, we explore how this works and what start-ups should include in their environmental planning.

Ensure that your workplace is efficient in every respect

The first benefit of going green is improved efficiency. Efficiency is something all new businesses need to focus on, both from a financial and an environmental perspective.

This could mean installing smart energy meters and lighting systems which automatically turn off when employees aren't present, and using energy-efficient equipment.

It could also include reducing your consumption of resources such as water and paper, and managing your waste output by recycling what you can. This doesn't need to be a complex undertaking - simple steps such as using coloured bins and coded bags to separate materials can have a big impact.

Make a point of modelling the way waste travels through your business. When you do, you'll find ways to cut down on resource usage and costs: a win-win situation.

Green branding is becoming essential

The second aspect of "greening" your start-up is more strategic. In today's economy, consumers demand that the businesses they buy from operate in a sustainable fashion. The same goes for clients who are visiting your premises.

This isn't just a theory. In 2015, marketing experts Nielsen put green branding to the test. They found that a significant majority of consumers were happy to pay a premium for environmentally-friendly products, and that this was even more pronounced among younger people.

Going green isn't just advisable - it's your chance to get ahead of the curve and be well-positioned to serve the next generation of customers.

Sustainability can help bring your team together

Finally, being environmentally responsible is a powerful way to promote a strong team spirit. That's really important for start-ups - perhaps even more so than for mature businesses with an established corporate culture.

In the early days of your business, there are sure to be some conflicts and rocky patches. Anything which brings you and your staff together is going to be very useful.

Sustainability can act as a focal point or team mission. It's something that your team will probably feel passionate about in any case, and it's a cause that will bring out the best in their abilities.

The end result will be a business which is ready for the future - an organisation which uses resources sustainably, serves the needs of an environmentally-conscious customer base, and has a strong sense of purpose. In other words, your start-up will be stronger and more dynamic.

Going green isn't a minor consideration - it's a fundamental part of start-up success.

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