Ten ways video marketing can help your business grow


Date: 5 April 2019

A woman is recording a video marketing message for her websiteVideo marketing has become increasingly popular with businesses. It offers viewers easy-to-access content and can provide more information than a simple image. Using videos to advertise your business enables you to stand out from your competitors and provides a good return on investment.

Here's why you should consider video marketing for your business:

1. Video content increases traffic

Videos drive organic traffic from search engines up by 157%. Many businesses report that having video content increases traffic to their websites. A video on a landing page can increase the chances of it appearing on the first page on Google search results by up to 53%. YouTube has more than a billion users. Adding your videos to YouTube increases traffic to your website.

2. Increase conversions and sales

Making a video of your products or services and adding it to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Nowadays, up to 70% of shoppers will buy a product after watching a video. This is because most people are influenced by visuals. Approximately 1 billion of hours are spent on YouTube videos each day and 70% percent of businesses agree that video content is more effective for sales and conversion than other forms of content.

3. More engagement

Videos encourage viewers to become more engaged - especially if they can be shared on social media. The more shares a video gets, the higher the likely conversion rate will be. Web users are ten times more likely to engage in video content than blog or other social media post. And, if your clients need to be taught how to use your product, a video can teach them effectively how to use the product, reducing the number of support calls you'll receive.

4. Search Engine Optimization

If your videos are optimised properly, search engines will regard them as high-quality content. Therefore, videos will be highly beneficial for your SEO. To optimize your videos, you need a strong title, to use the right keywords and a solid meta description. According to study, by the year 2021 more than 80% of the traffic will consist of videos.

5. Build trust with your customers

If your customers can see your products or services in use, how they can be used and how they meet their needs, they are more likely to trust them and buy them. Customers can build a better understanding of how a product work by watching a video than seeing a still image.

6. Improve the reputation of your company

The best way to showcase the achievements and successes of your company is through videos. Other than just marketing your products, your clients will understand the accomplishments of your company, instilling customer confidence and promoting sales.

Additionally, video marketing is valuable for new businesses that do not have a portfolio yet. In a marketplace where competition is stiff, videos can give a look behind the scenes of your company, creating a relationship with customers and building trust.

7. Videos are appealing

Videos can appeal to almost anyone. Providing they have a mobile device, customers can view the videos on the go - making them appealing to even the laziest potential buyer. According to YouTube, the consumption of videos increases every year by 100%. Due to the continued of growth of technology, your audience will keep on growing day-by-day.

8. The future of communication

Videos are predicted to become the most common means of communicating in the near future. It is already in use on all social media platforms. Studies show that at least 82% of twitter users watch at least one video in a day and more than 500 million Facebook users watch at least one video each day.

9. High ROI

Videos provide your business with a higher return on investment than other marketing platforms. This is because most buyers prefer visual marketing formats increasing conversion and providing a high ROI. According to one study, 83% of businesses agree that video increases their ROI. Another study shows that viewers concentrate more on videos which explain products. So, your videos don't have to be perfect; just ensure the content is educational, interesting and relevant.

Creating videos has been simplified by use of various tools so creating a marketing video only takes a few minutes. You can even use your smartphone to create effective marketing videos.

10. Increase social media shares

More businesses are starting to use video for product marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer incredible features that support videos. To encourage social shares, remember to get a little more creative. People are more likely to share a video that is entertaining which, in turn, may increase traffic to your site.

Videos are an amazing way of sharing important messages with your customers. A well-made video will be understood by customers and can help increase conversions - making your business more competitive.

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