Five great ways to get your name and brand out there


Date: 30 January 2020

A group of business colleagues discuss how to market their start-up venture.

Attracting eyes to your product or service really is a game-changer in the business world. Yes, you have to create the best possible product or service - but if nobody knows about it, then you’re not going to make the money you want.

Sure, an amazing, ground-breaking offering can go supernova due to word of mouth alone, but that doesn’t exactly happen very often. You need to put the work in and make people notice you.

Marketing is such a massive part of running your business, and it’s something that you’ll need to put a lot of emphasis on if you’re going to turn your small business into the empire you fantasize about. There are many different ways to market your product or service - but a successful marketing campaign depends on the creativity of the person devising it. 

Making sure people see your brand and recognize it is paramount to success. If people can understand who you are straight away, then that will enhance brand recall. That’s what you need when you’re trying to build and maintain relationships with customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

How can you get your brand out there for people to see, though? Well, there are loads of ways - here are just a few for you.

1. Online advertising

The vast majority of UK consumers are hooked up to the internet these days. If someone isn’t on their phone multiple times a day, it’s a rarity. They may even use the internet many times a day without even realizing.

This has become such a huge part of our lives, it’s only sensible to advertise on it. The idea is to attract as many eyeballs as you can. 

You could consider paid search marketing, banner ads on websites, or short ads that play before and after videos, depending on the platform and content type. If you’re just starting out, then sign up to Google Ads and let the algorithm find relevant sites for your business to advertise on.

2. Social media

This follows on from internet advertising, as social media marketing is very similar. It’s strange how something that was once so trivial now plays a massive role in many aspects of everyday life.

Social media is used a lot for both business and recreational purposes, so, again, it’s wise to capitalize on that. 

Create a social media account and make short, snappy posts that will attract eyes and keep attention. You could also get in touch with a famous or well-known person and get them to do a little work for you - influencer marketing is rife on social media, and with good reason: it works.

Ordinary people will rush to take advice from their role models, so this kind of marketing ploy is so very effective.

3. Your business vehicle

Lots of companies like to plaster their work vehicle with their logo and the name of the business. It’s a great way of making people take notice, as cars aren’t usually too visually exciting.

This kind of thing works very well for small, local businesses, as people will see them almost every day.

Contact information is often shown on the car, van, or truck, for people to jot down or remember. If you don’t have a work vehicle yet, then you can always pick up a second-hand van from places like Beck Evans and find a vehicle that's perfect for you. It would then just be a case of finding a paint shop to help you with the design.

4. Newspapers and magazines

Technology is the present and future, but that doesn’t mean newspapers and magazines have gone out of fashion. Millions of people still like to pick up hard copies and read something that isn’t on a screen.

Getting little spots in magazines and papers can be quite costly, but people will see you, and you’ll have generated more interest than if you hadn’t bothered.

5. Events

A buzz is always generated when an event is arranged, promoted and held. People like social gatherings of any sort, so this is a great way for a business to boost its status. Parties, announcements, store openings - they’re all ways of attracting eyes.

Some people might only attend for the fun, but many will remember the hosts or those sponsoring it all.

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