The importance of a well-designed office


Date: 3 March 2020

A team holds a business meeting around a conference table in a modern, stylish office.

Office design impacts your bottom line in a variety of ways. This is why choosing the right facility for your start up or client meeting is essential.

Let’s learn about the impact of a well-designed office, and why it is so important to your organization.

Safeguard the health of your team

Office design can impact your staff’s health and wellbeing. Insufficient airflow contributes to allergies, asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Insufficient lighting causes headaches and eye strain, while making it hard to work.

Crowded offices facilitate the spread of disease as well as increasing overall stress levels. They’re difficult to clean, and they’re hard to keep clean, which increases the odds of foodborne and respiratory illnesses spreading.

Furthermore, the stress of crowding increases the odds of people getting ill when they’re exposed to something. On the other hand, people become more likely to take sick days just to get away from the office.

Boost productivity

Office design affects productivity in a number of ways. If your office has luxurious little touches like a break room that offers complementary drinks and snacks, your team will feel like you care about them. They’re also less likely to waste time going out to get food, and will eat at the office instead.

Give them relaxing break rooms and breakout areas where they can hold impromptu meetings, and they won’t need to linger outside at lunchtimes to get away from the office. If the environment is relaxing an enjoyable, they’re more likely to stay engaged and work until the job is done, instead of fleeing as soon as their shift is finished.

Engagement results in greater productivity, lower attrition rates, less sick time due to illness and fewer sick days just to escape from work.

Protect your reputation

A well-designed office will impress clients, potential new hires and contractors. You don’t have to make your lobby look like that of a world-class hotel or give them first-class treatment in the main meeting room.

However, bringing them into a cramped cubicle to discuss project details will make them wonder about your capabilities. If you can’t manage to arrange to meet all of the stakeholders in a single large meeting room that has comfortable chairs and plenty of space for everyone, why would they think you have the resources to handle a large project?

Don’t try to save money by choosing the cheapest facilities. If you don’t have the right facilities, rent space at a managed office. This could be for a single meeting, the duration of a project or as part of your business expansion.

Get more for your money

A well-designed office allows your team to get their work done for relatively little money. A good workspace gives everyone high-speed internet, proper light levels and a decent desk. All of this maximizes their productivity.

A haphazardly designed office creates trip hazards, with wires hidden under protective covers and poorly laid-out cubicles. This makes maintenance more difficult, while contributing to service failures and outages.

Serviced offices are cost-effective in other ways, too. You’re sharing the cost of custodial services, IT infrastructure and security with other clients in the building. This reduces the cost of these services, compared to what you’d pay if you contracted them yourself.

Finally, it may also result in higher-quality services, since serviced offices can take advantage of bulk discounts.

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