Three reasons you should use QR codes in your business


Date: 23 April 2020

A customer uses a QR code to get a discount in a store

There are many ways to market your business, ranging from newsletters and mailing lists, to TV and online adverts, and – if your budget stretches to it – billboards in high traffic areas where a lot of people will notice them.

One much more recent form of marketing – or of conveying marketing information – is by using QR codes.

These days, there are various companies that can help you to create QR code batches for your business, without little or no trouble or complexity at all.

Here are a few reasons to use QR codes in your business.

1. QR codes stand out

One thing about QR codes is that although they are increasingly common, they are still unusual enough to be attention-grabbing and to stand out from other more everyday branding and marketing techniques and methods.

Among customers who know what a QR codes is and how they work, there will often be a strong degree of initial interest in your code. And for those who aren't familiar with QR codes, the odds are high that they will nonetheless remember the ad and investigate at some point.

First and foremost, marketing is largely about drawing attention and attracting your prospective customer's interest.

2. QR codes are easy to include in visual media

If you have a highly visual ad – such as a poster – you might want to include a reference to additional information, without cluttering the ad with web links or paragraphs of copy.

Often, even just a handful of words can ruin the aesthetic of a good visual add.

A QR code, by comparison, can be easily included and incorporated into visual media, and can then be scanned for additional interest by prospective customers as and when they like.

3. QR codes get your prospective customers involved

QR codes are an invitation to prospective customers to get involved in a hands-on way. There is a clear message that says "if you're interested in this, scan the code, find out more, and take things further".

There is something about scanning a QR code that is more interesting and inviting to people than simply inviting them to visit a web link.

As a rule of thumb, the more you manage to involve your prospective customers in your marketing – in other words, the more you manage to make the process of marketing interactive – the higher the likelihood that you will actually convert those prospects into leads, and then generate sales.

What's more, if someone does end up on your mailing list, for example, after using your QR code, you know that they interested in staying in touch and are already demonstrating an interest in what you have to offer.

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