How to get the most out of remote working for business


Date: 19 May 2020

A female employee works remotely from her kitchen table

As many of us are still on lockdown or are working from home due to COVID-19, businesses who put their companies on hold are now having to find ways of adapting in order to continue their businesses. It's a challenging time and some companies simply might not make it through.

It's a true test to see how businesses can adapt their product or services in the direst of circumstances. Remote working has never been so important and if your company is currently struggling, here's how to get the most out of remote working for your business.

Communicate with your staff regularly

With remote working, you don't have the same dynamic as you would if you were in the workplace. For a start, you don't have physical face-to-face meetings or interactions with your staff. That can be difficult when you're trying to get work and various tasks completed. However, communication can still be had over the phone, by email and in the form of video conference calls. There's no need for your business communications to drop simply because you're not in the same room as each other.

Try to encourage your staff to maintain that workplace attitude, even if they're working from home or remotely and not in the office. That can be hard to do to begin with. However, once this attitude sinks in you will see more communication and interaction happening throughout the working day. That increased communication will help increased efficiency in the work that's required.

Performance management systems are essential

Working from home can certainly have its challenges. None more so than managing the performance of remote staff. Improving the performance of remote staff can be a constant struggle. That said, there are ways of helping to improve both the company's performance and that of your employees.

When it comes to remote working, having performance management software in place is essential. It can help build teams, so they work harder and share your company's goals and objectives. Unlocking the growth and potential of each staff member is critical and performance management software, can do just that. Don't let remote and home working affect the ability of your company to achieve great things.

Make sure your staff are well equipped

In order for your staff to continue the work they would normally do within the workplace; you need to ensure they are well-equipped. Some staff may lack an office desk or the computer equipment needed to do their work. Therefore, if you want your company to continue working as normal, it's important to give everyone of needs it the right computers and relevant setup. Without it, you can't expect staff to work and that can impact your business heavily.

You might need to hire equipment for a temporary period where needed. For small businesses, hiring is going to be a better option than buying a surplus of computers and office furniture that you won't need once you return to the office. That would be a waste of money. Besides, purchasing them might be something you can afford to do anyway.

Recognise and reward staff

During this pandemic, staff may be working longer hours and there might not be as much downtime during busy periods - especially if you have staff off sick or in insolation. In addition, you may have staff members who are working from home for the first time. Adapting to this new normal can be draining.

It's good to try and recognise and reward staff as and when you can. It could be the promise of a bonus or raise when everything is back to normal or simply sending a thank you hamper to those that have really gone above and beyond to help the company through this tough time. Having your efforts recognised can be a real morale booster and these simple acts of generosity can make a real difference in staff performance. No matter how small, continue to offer praise to your staff as and when it's needed.

Use video for meetings 

Video meetings are popping up everywhere at the moment for departmental and client meetings that may still need to go ahead as planned. Platforms like Zoom, for example, are booming and we could see a permanent shift in how meetings are conducted once we're out of this pandemic. Video calls can be great for more personable conversations because there can often be a feeling detachment when you're simply emailing or talking over the phone. It's not the same as seeing them in person and video calls can provide that missing element.

Set your company some new goals

Getting the most out of your business is essential and setting company goals can make that happen. Your company can benefit from goal setting and it's one thing that shouldn't change just because you're working remotely. It's all about adapting those goals to make them work for your business in this new environment. Think of what goals are currently in play for your company and each department and change or add goals in where needed. Find what needs improving and work together as a business to improve and develop as a company.

Getting the most out of remote working is essential during this difficult time. Find helpful ways to adapt your typical working day to fit the new confinements of working from home.

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