Top five benefits of call recording software


Date: 24 February 2021

A call centre agent takes a customer call

Whether you're selling products or services, customer experience is the driving force for any business. Having a sales team that hits their sales target alone is not enough. You must also ensure the quality of their work meets or surpasses your customer service standards. This means looking at various aspects of customer engagement from the content of conversations to the audio quality among other things - especially if your team work from home.

How do you ensure all your reps are knowledgeable, courteous, and able to tailor services or products to meet the needs of prospects and customers? While it's impossible to sit next to them as they make the calls all day long, you can use call recording software to achieve the same goal.

No two days are the same for sales reps. For this reason, they won't always achieve perfection. By recording conversations, it's easier to go back and listen to calls to identify inconsistencies, examples of best practise and coaching opportunities for your team. Recording calls also ensures you have evidence if a customer issues a complaint about a particular sales rep or how their complaint was handled.

This article looks at some of the top benefits of using call recording software for sales teams:

1. Better customer engagement

Having a record of customer conversations can help to foster better customer engagement between sales reps and customers. Sales reps can refer back to transcripts of recorded calls with specific customers to get insight into the kind of customer they are dealing with. They can look at past issues a customer has had and how they were addressed. Having access to a complete customer history can make customers feel special knowing that the company remembers them. This goes a long way to boosting the customer experience and makes it more likely they will remain loyal to you.

2. Protection from liability

Every business faces the risk of being sued over liability claims. In such a scenario, your best defence is to produce evidence showing your interactions with the customer that prove you are not liable. Being able to refer back to recordings of a call via your recording software can prove a powerful defence. Recordings of a conversation can evidence issues such as the use of abusive language by either party, contradictory information from the sales rep or unfulfilled claims. This evidence is important as it can protect your company from a liability claim.

3. Presents an opportunity for research

If your sales reps address technical queries from customers which are frequently passed to your IT team, call recording software helps you identify the common technical problems. You can furnish your frontline reps with the solutions to these common issues meaning they can be resolved more quickly. You then have the opportunity to identify the more complex issues that do need more research or input from the your IT team. The information gathered from the call recordings may help you fix a bug or improve your products so that they better meet your customers' needs

4. Perfect the quality of the call

No matter how well your sales reps are equipped, there will always be an opportunity to improve your team's techniques. Analysing average calls helps you identify areas for improvement enabling you to exceed sales targets. It could mean improving the script, revising or developing policies or even preparing your team to handle those 'sticky' situations that often require the intervention of a third party or superior. As a result, you can be sure to record a significant improvement in sales.

5. Learning curve

While some calls can be painful to listen to, others are so successful, you can use them as an example of best practice. It's important to use both the not-so-good and the best conversations as a learning opportunity. Point out mistakes in the poorest calls so that your sales reps avoid repeating the mistakes. Similarly, you need to highlight the positive points from the best conversations so that you spread best practice and achieve even better results. Recorded conversations always present an opportunity to learn.

In summary

Call recording software does not only begin and end with having a record of conversations your sales team have with customers. The data captured is so rich that you can use it to improve your overall marketing tactics and increase your sales significantly. Most importantly, you can refer to conversations in the event of any complaints or liability claims against your business.

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