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Date: 4 May 2021

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Web scraping is the best way to collect information in a data-driven world. The influence of Information Technology (IT) has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, fusing our reality with the digital world. Today, data is the fuel that creates and accelerates improvements not only in IT but also in our business environment. Web scraping is the best way to join the hustle and battle with other competitors by utilising data aggregation.

With big tech companies monopolising and centralising huge quantities of data on the internet, social media platforms are the hives of information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube manage to continue improving and presenting their services for free by profiting from data collection.

Because so many users love the convenience and entertainment of these platforms, the love, and in some cases - addiction to social media has revolutionised the way we get and perceive information. The influence of newspapers, radio and even TV has been severely diminished. Today's businesses create their marketing strategies with an emphasis on social media and influencer marketing.

This is where web scraping comes into play. Social media advertisements can target the right audiences and help build an initial client base much faster. We can implement data collection to find the most suitable influencers on the best social media platforms. Successful companies use web scrapers with residential proxies to protect their IP and accelerate data collection. You can learn more about residential proxies if you are interested in safe and anonymous browsing. For now, let's focus on how web scraping helps us find influencers for a digital marketing campaign.

How data collection helps us find influencers

Social media influencers have tremendous power over their audiences. Because TV and radio ads target such a broad audience, often the advertised product or service is not relevant to many of the people tuning in. Influencers have many ways to attract their audience to a product they advertise. Some big names on social media don't even choose products or services they would not use personally. Even if an important influencer decides to promote a brand for a lot of money, their audience may never show interest in you.

Web scrapers help us avoid this problem with the power of data extraction. By systematically collecting information from the most popular social media platforms, we can filter the obvious bad choices and leave the best possible candidates and their audiences. If a company already has a client base, analysing their public data can lead to the discovery of a connection with an influencer.

Returning customers play a big role in most digital marketing campaigns. Web scraping allows us to find patterns between existing clients and the audience of specific influencers. Even basic information such as the average age of your client can be used in the search for a good influencer. Any correlation between your client base and the potential audience is a good sign.

The most popular social media platforms do not like to be scraped. To avoid IP blacklisting, successful scrapers use residential proxies. Protecting your address is a big part of data aggregation. Swapping it with IPs from a real internet service provider (ISP) is the best way to ensure your scraping operations are left undisturbed.

Don't forget to diversify your marketing strategy

Influencer marketing has become a very common and successful method of advertising your product and growing your brand. However, some sceptics believe that the whole "influencer bubble" will eventually burst. Although it's unlikely that the days of influencer marketing are at an end, the strategy still has some flaws that could damage your company.

Even with web scraping and data analysis in effect, there is always a risk of choosing an influencer whose impact might have been overrated. An underage audience that is unlikely to spend money on the advertised products can also limit your chances of growing a brand. Even if you plan to target a content creator mostly viewed by kids or teens, your product or service has to fit their specific needs.

To negate possible risks, successful companies implement other forms of advertisement. Because big influencers charge big money for an ad, smaller companies may choose less influential content creators to promote their brand. Diversifying and avoiding total reliance on influencers can offer companies greater stability.

Scrape social media with residential proxies

Safety and anonymity are the most important criteria for successful social media scraping. With the help of a residential proxy provider, companies can use addresses from a big proxy IP pool to cover up their scraping operations. Although web scraping is legal, social media companies do not like it when third parties extract their public information. To avoid these unfair boundaries, web scrapers send requests through a remote IP address. Residential proxies bring not only protection but efficiency as well. They allow companies to run multiple web scraping bots simultaneously without the fear of getting banned. For successful social media scraping, residential proxies are a necessity.

In an IT-driven world, influencers are a crucial part of the advertisement revolution. Content creators help advertisers find a loyal client base and contribute to creating a much more competitive business environment. Web scraping helps companies establish these connections faster to create a win-win-win situation!

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