A look at the top ways to support new employees


Date: 29 November 2021

Boss training new employee on computer.

Having a team of happy, confident workers is key to success in any type of business. If you want your new employees to flourish and drive the company forward, these top ways of supporting them are crucial.

Give them the training they need

17% of all small business workers have never received any sort of training, according to research quoted by The Training Associates. This means that they are completely unprepared for their roles when they are thrown in at the deep end by their bosses. No matter how experienced someone is or how simple the role appears, they still need to be told what is expected of them and how to do it.

Every employee should have a clear personal development plan that covers the training that they need to progress in their career. This should give them some tough but achievable targets that can be tracked, as well as a clear set of training requirements to follow together with the appropriate dates for it all to happen.

This also provides the opportunity to let them see what opportunities they have for progressing within the company, or for gaining new skills that will be useful later in their career. Someone who doesn't receive any sort of training or support is more likely to feel frustrated in their job and may leave sooner than a well-supported employee would.

Provide technical support

Every new employee is likely to come across a few technical issues such as problems logging in, having to undo erroneous transactions and so on. A solid, professional level of technical support will help them in this case, by giving them a contact to turn to when needed and a process to follow to sort things out speedily.

We can see the approach required with the likes of the SolarWinds IT Service Desk for enterprises. This is an IT service management solution that covers areas such as incident management and a service portal where users can submit their tickets and requests. Using something like this means that the new workers don't feel that they have been left all alone if they run into any technical issues.

Provide a mentor

In some roles, the best approach is to appoint a mentor to help newcomers. This could be someone who is already carrying out the same role or it could be a more senior worker who can inspire them while showing them the full scale of the operation. In general terms, this article from The Balance Careers said that a mentor should be enthusiastic and good at listening.

Either way, sitting together and carrying out the daily tasks for a short time should help them to understand how the company operates and what their values are. The choice of mentor is crucial, as it must be someone who is capable of showing a positive attitude as well as the correct way of carrying out processes.

By giving your newest workers support in these different ways, you can help them to contribute more quickly and to soon feel like valuable members of the team.

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