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Date: 20 December 2021

HR manager schedules staff rosters using a digital solution

Modern problems require modern solutions. As our world becomes increasingly digitised, tools like digital staff management are becoming more than practical helpers. They are necessities, especially for start-ups and companies rooted in the IT sector. If your business is modern, your business practices should reflect that.

E-rostering your staff is one of many strategies that are replacing age-old business practices by carrying out their tasks in smarter, quicker, and more accessible ways.

What are the benefits of using digital staff management tools?

The shift in work culture

Way back when the internet was still in its infancy, it was reserved for a few 'techies'. These days, the internet plays a role in much of our daily lives. Hobbies, shopping, and many jobs take place in online, digital settings. Those techies from way back when are suddenly a hot commodity with incredible career prospects. Many young people are piggybacking this trend and are starting their own companies.

  • They want to be their own bosses, work with talented friends and create something they believe in.

This is creating a shift in our work culture. We are moving away from top-down structures to flat hierarchies and collaborative settings. Everybody has a voice, and the goal is to innovate, have fun and find fulfilment in your work. Which, in itself, is an admirable goal. But it comes with its own set of risks.

The risks of open structures

Moving away from the power structures of old workplaces is a good thing. But it's worth remembering that the business leadership strategies of old were established for good reason. Creating a workplace that is more relaxed, open, and free is a positive movement. But some young business owners neglect to build solid structures that are more beneficial to their business and employees than blind trust and freedom.

The benefits of digital staff management tools

Clear communication

Miscommunication is one stumbling block that is difficult to avoid in the workplace environment. People often feel like they pull more weight than others or worry about others getting preferential treatment. Miscommunications and frustrations are bound to happen. While it might seem more forward thinking and positive to tell your employees you trust them to structure their own day, sometimes asserting a bit of control and monitoring can be helpful.

A tool like an e-roster is your way of surveying your employees' working hours and performance. It gives you facts to base your discussions on, rather than relying on speculation and personal perception.

Improving staff loyalty

One of the top reasons for employees leaving a job is their frustration with the working hours they have been given. They want to have enough control over their schedule to plan their private life as well as their shifts. E-rostering apps allow you to give employees control over their hours and improve staff loyalty. Employees can apply to swap shifts or enter their availabilities on their own accord.

The records of past staff schedules help you keep an eye on the number of work hours each employee has completed already this month. This way, you can avoid over or under working your employees.


Without a proper overview over your business' needs, it will be difficult to your staff roster in advance so that you can fulfil demand. Digital team schedules show you which slots need to be filled, where you had too few or too many employees, whether you are able to cover sick days and so on. They can be detailed enough to include certain employees' skills, so you can plan exactly when which employee should be where and who could effectively fill in for them.

This allows you to plan more effectively and avoid wasting money by having too many or too few employees for your company's current demands and projects.


Staff management software like digital rostering might seem like you are taking freedom from your employees, but it can be used to support them. In an environment where you are compensated for the work you put in it is reassuring to have a structure in place that helps to divide the workload fairly. Working to a structure gives employees the ability to plan their private lives. Giving them control over their working hours leaves them happier with their job.

Additionally, an overview of your staff and their work hours helps with employee and project management. You can assess what staff are needed day to day or for special projects and save costs by avoiding staff mismanagement. By keeping an eye on maximum work hours, you can use the software to create a fair work environment. And last, but not least, the information from the schedules helps with payroll calculations.

Using a digital solution to manage staff is the easiest solution and offers numerous benefits as outlined above. These software solutions are available via app and desktop giving you staffing insights wherever you are. While programs like Excel have been popular for staff management in older companies, digital staff rostering solutions were developed specifically with this task in mind, making it much more intuitive and effective.

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