Five tips for improving employee engagement


Date: 9 May 2022

Happy, engaged employees are more productive

Keeping your employees engaged is one of the most integral parts of running a successful business. It has been proven that happier employees are more productive and have lower absence rates. So, creating a positive work environment will undoubtedly lead to happy employees and a hardworking, productive office culture. But how do you go about achieving this? Read on to discover five tips on how to boost your employee engagement.

1 Train and communicate with your employees

Creating a culture which nurtures its employees and fosters their development will directly lead to employee engagement. Employees do not want to feel stuck in a rut or trained for a short period of time before being left to their own devices. Giving ongoing training to your employees, not just in their area of work but in other roles too, will lead to them developing a wider understanding of the company. This understanding will then lead to positive engagement, as they will feel far more valued, involved and passionate about development.

2 Make room for social events

Socialisation amongst employees is an important part of work-life. Meeting and integrating with other colleagues in a work social event can lead to a far tighter and more communicative team. This can be done by taking time out of the calendar to meet for dinners or lunch. During the pandemic, many team leaders conducted weekly online quizzes, which can still be advantageous if you and your employees are spending the majority of time working from home.

3 Recognise their productivity

If you are trying to create a culture based on productivity and engagement, then it is a good idea to recognise and reward those values when you see them. Employees who are recognised for their hard work are far more likely to keep up their productivity and work rate, and it can also be an important way to retain their loyalty. Click here to discover the many clear and concise ways you can to recognise your employees through engagement platforms.

4 Make sure you listen to complaints

No matter how good you think your company is, there will always be ways to improve and develop. A great way to learn about improvements is to listen to the people who actually work inside the business. Achieving employee engagement can include solving complaints about how the business currently operates. If employees know their complaints are being listened to and acted upon, they are far more likely to stay engaged and appreciative of an environment which values their opinion and critiques.

5 Ensure that everyone leads by example

In any business, there will be higher roles for experienced and long-serving employees. Ensure that everyone inside the team is putting in the effort and are staying productive. If employees are following the example of their team leader, they are far more likely to stay engaged if they see a team leader putting in the same amount, if not more, effort than they are. Make sure that even the most senior staff members lead by example and spread a message of efficiency and productivity.

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