How apps can help you comply with employment law


Date: 21 November 2023

An HR manager is updating timesheets using an HR app

Taking on employees is a big step in the evolution of any business. While the prospect of becoming an employer can be daunting, building a team will give you the expertise you need to grow your business.

Recruiting the best people and setting up a payroll function are the immediate tasks at hand but once you’ve done that, you’ll need systems in place to manage the day-to-day business of employing people.

There’s a considerable amount of admin you’ll need to do to ensure you’re complying with all aspects of UK employment law, including regulations related to working time, holidays, tax, pensions, National Minimum Wage (NMW) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Managing these tasks doesn’t have to be a drain on your time and energy, however. Apps, such as Bitrix24, can play a crucial role in helping busy business owners manage all their HR duties and lighten their workload. Here are some of the main types of employment and HR apps that could help you grow your team:

1. Time and attendance tracking apps: These apps allow employees to clock in and out electronically, providing accurate records of working hours - so there are no disputes and you can be confident that you’re paying your staff correctly. Time and attendance apps also ensure compliance with working time regulations, such as limits on weekly working hours and rest breaks.

2. Leave management apps: It’s easy to get in a muddle if you use old-fashioned paperwork to keep tabs on staff leave. With a leave management app, the whole process becomes simpler and more reliable. Employees can use the app to request time off, it’s easy for employers to approve or deny requests and accrued leave is calculated automatically, ensuring compliance with holiday entitlements.

3. Payroll and wage calculation apps: A payroll app is an essential tool for any business that employs staff. A payroll app can:

Automatically calculate wages - taking into account bonuses, overtime, expenses and holiday pay;

  • Ensure that you’re complying with minimum wage laws;
  • Generate accurate payslips;
  • Print key forms for employees such as P45s and P60s.

The best payroll apps communicate with time and attendance apps to make it easy to manage staff pay and create accurate reports for business analysis and forecasting.

4. Document management apps: Document management tools reduce the amount of physical paperwork cluttering up the office. They also help businesses organise employee records, contracts and other HR-related documents so that they’re easy to store and access. Importantly, they also ensure GDPR compliance by safeguarding sensitive employee data.

5. Data protection compliance apps: Complying with data laws is a key aspect of running a business; what’s more, demonstrating your commitment to data security is important for building customer trust and protecting your reputation. A data protection compliance app can help with data mapping, consent management, data subject requests and data breach reporting, ensuring that businesses handle personal data in accordance with GDPR requirements.

6. Training and compliance monitoring apps: Every member of your team needs to be up-to-date on data and employment laws to ensure your business is fully compliant. The best way to make this happen is to use a training and compliance monitoring app. These apps monitor staff understanding and compliance and they provide employees with training modules on employment laws, including GDPR.

7. Reporting and analytics apps: As your business grows, issues around staffing and employment compliance can go unnoticed until they become a bigger problem. By using a reporting and analytics app you can avoid unpleasant surprises - these tools provide insights into workforce data, helping you spot potential compliance issues, monitor staffing trends and identify areas for improvement.

8. Employee self-service apps: An employee self-service app gives individuals control over their own data. This allows employees to access their HR information, review their working hours and update personal records. Using an app like this is good for everyone - not only does it improve GDPR compliance and save you time and money, it also promotes transparency and boosts employee satisfaction.

9. HR Management Systems (HRMS): Comprehensive HRMS platforms integrate multiple HR functions, including compliance tools, into a unified system, streamlining HR processes and ensuring consistency in employment law adherence. A comprehensive HR system can also have wider benefits, improving the employee experience, informing performance reviews and providing data for business decision-making.

10. Alerts and notifications: As a business owner, it’s your job to keep on top of changes to data and employment laws, such as minimum wage rises. An HR app will do the hard work for you - sending you alerts and notifications about upcoming compliance deadlines, training requirements or changes in employment laws.

By taking advantage of these apps, small businesses can simplify compliance efforts. Apps like these reduce administrative burdens, minimise the risk of violations and ensure that firms are adhering to employment laws, including working time regulations, holiday entitlements, NMW and GDPR data protection requirements.

A complete HR solution

The best HR apps, such as Bitrix24, offer a multifaceted solution for small businesses. Bitrix24 enables businesses to:

  • accurately track working hours
  • manage holiday entitlements
  • calculate wages in accordance with NMW
  • maintain GDPR compliance by safeguarding sensitive employee data and ensuring secure storage and access

With integrated reporting, automation and communication tools, Bitrix24 simplifies HR processes, streamlines compliance efforts and enhances overall HR management, making it a valuable tool for any small business.

Copyright 2023. Article written by Rachel Miller, Start Up Donut

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