How AI revolutionises everyday workplace interactions


Date: 12 December 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a solid part of our daily lives now. The impact on the workplace is already noticeable. Employers are looking at how AI tools can be integrated and used in working processes to minimise time and costs. Some people are even beginning to wonder if they are going to be replaced with AI.

Is that even possible at this stage in the development of AI? The answer is, of course, no. AI will not replace humans, in the same way that computers have not replaced humans in terms of production and intellectual endeavours. AI lacks the most integral part of any worker — initiative and human ingenuity.

However, AI tools do provide a valuable way to save resources, time, and money. It's safe to say that those who can skillfully harness the capabilities of AI will inevitably replace those who struggle with the implementation of changes. But that's what always happens whenever there is a new invention or step change in techniques.

There are already a huge range of business tools on the market that have integrated AI into their process and in a way that works for businesses. Business solutions have joined together with AI capabilities in many well-known and popular tools, enhancing users' experience, and increasing their productivity instantly - and significantly.

Let's explore how AI changes everyday workplace interactions in the example of Bitrix24 CoPilot. In November 2023, the platform released new feature updates that are free to try.

1. AI as an attentive assistant

AI is a conversationalist that is always there and is constantly ready to help. It can have many uses in everyday operations that will increase levels of productivity. You can achieve more for less. Asking for advice or a variety of answers quickly becomes a thing. Once a team starts using AI support, it is hard to underestimate how effective collaboration becomes.

2. Gathering ideas with AI chat

AI-powered assistant is a treasure trove of wonderful and original ideas. It is good to think with your head, but what if you could generate numerous ideas just by asking a question? It's like having a crowd of lightning-fast assistants at your beck and call. Simply enter a prompt, and the AI chat swiftly suggests an idea, expands on your original thought, or adapts an existing concept to meet your specific needs.

Though, fair warning, AI chats can be tricky. Sometimes they 'make up' information that appears surprisingly credible. This means you will have to check the information first. But instead of working on a task from scratch, you just polish the ideas. Perfect if you have some understanding of a subject, but want to explore more options, ask for alternative opinions, or simply check if you considered all important bits. AI can be rather enlightening at times.

3. Writing text made easy

Need assistance with writing? AI assistant is here to help. You can ask it to generate an original text based on your prompt or modify existing copy. No more struggling with paraphrasing! AI can change the tone, correct mistakes, add emojis, create lists, or even rewrite the text from a different perspective, be it that of a developer, marketer, or any other role. AI empowers its users to effortlessly produce high-quality written content.

4. Intelligent responses but faster

AI can provide valuable feedback on someone's message, idea, or opinion. Whether you need praise or constructive criticism, your co-pilot is smart enough to offer the right words. This feature is particularly useful when you're pressed for time and don't have the luxury to search for the perfect response.

Bitrix24 even went as far as integrating this feature in the feed. If you want to say something good to your colleague but are struggling to find the right words, AI can help with this too. If someone it too busy to read the text, AI can provide intelligent feedback. This is useful when you have done your work and want to give it a polish before you show it to your boss. AI can be a great help here.

5. Summarising tasks

Long tasks and extensive reports filled with data can be time consuming to read. With AI, you can simply ask for a quick summary. It saves you the hassle of going through lengthy documents and provides you with a concise overview of the key points. Extremely convenient for legal documents. AI can turn big words into something much easier and faster to understand on the go.

6. Transcribing calls in CRM

On the face of it, this appears to be one of the most significant AI features because it allows you to simplify your client interactions. After a lengthy client phone call, going back and listening to the entire conversation can be tedious. AI simplifies this process by transcribing your calls into text format. It then automatically populates the relevant fields in your CRM, such as the client's name, phone number, and company details. In a matter of seconds. AI provides you with data entry and ensures accurate record keeping.

It also can notice changes during your call. If, during the conversation, the client changes their mind several times, AI is capable of recognising that. It will give you the result after a few minutes when you finish the call.

In summary

This is just the beginning of how new AI-integrated platforms can help your business. Bitrix24 CoPilot is a pioneer in business solutions - including various AI chats. Right now, when it is yet to be established, platforms need to provide different AI options. In Bitrix24, for example, you can connect to Open AI, Google, Facebook, or any other AI tool, including custom ones trained on your corporate data. The last bit is especially promising for those organisations requiring something specific for their work processes, or those who are concerned with the security of their intranet.

Currently, the AI-powered tools on the market are mostly aimed at simplifying mundane tasks, igniting human creativity, and boosting your overall productivity. With good business solutions, you can integrate new features with your tasks, chats, feed, and CRM.

AI rapidly becomes an invaluable time and cost-saving resource. It is an unlimited source of ideas and inspiration, empowering people to achieve more in less time. It will transform everyday workplace interactions. So why not join early to get the first worm?

Copyright 2023. Article written by Kate Ryzhikova, marketing manager at Bitrix24.

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