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Start up security, getting the essentials right

Date: 30 June 2022


Key considerations for superior business security

Date: 30 June 2022


Comparing enterprise data storage infrastructure

Date: 28 June 2022


Company delivery vehicle

Tips to improve your fleet productivity

Rising costs, increasing legislation and staff shortages make fleet management an imperative for many businesses. Discover our top fleet management tips.

Date: 17 May 2022 By:

A happy women running her start up business

Five ways start up and small businesses can make ends meet

Starting a business can be exciting but the flip side is that your financial security is heavily reliant on the success of your business. We share five tips for making ends meet.

Date: 11 May 2022 By:

Woman looking excitedly at her laptop and cheering

Using a personal loan to start a business

Applying for a business loan is easier said than done without a proven track record. Using a personal loan to fund your business may be worth considering. Read more on the benefits and risks here.

Date: 9 May 2022 By:

Hands holding an empty wallet and a handful of change

Five ways to start a business with no money

Getting funding is one of the most important yet difficult parts of starting any business, but you don't have to be a millionaire to get things off the ground. Check out Tudor Lodge Digitals' five ways to raise start-up funds.

Date: 9 May 2022 By:

Man holding cup and credit card whilst on the laptop

How can digital payments boost Your company's bottom line?

74% of consumers favour digital payments over traditional methods. Discover how you create better a customer experience by accepting digital payments, boost your company's bottom line and read tips to help you get started.

Date: 29 March 2022 By:

Woman with debt receipts

Why you should repay all your debts on time

Since the start of the pandemic, more people live pay cheque to pay cheque. Read on to find out why you should pay your debts on time and discover strategies for clearing your debts sooner.

Date: 28 February 2022 By:

A woman signs a personal guarantee for a business loan

Dealing with the personal guarantee dilemma

Signing a personal guarantee can help you access business finance, but it is not without risk. Discover ways to mitigate the risks.

Date: 17 February 2022 By:

Four stacks of coins with soil and shoots coming out the top

How to make your small business profitable

All businesses should strive to be more profitable. Discover simple ways you could boost your bottom line and make your venture more profitable.

Date: 25 January 2022 By:

A man works on his business plan

How to improve my chances of getting start up funding

Getting financial backing for your start-up can be a challenging task, however, following these five useful tips you can improve your chances of securing additional funding.

Date: 18 November 2021 By:

Phone calculator next to a notepad and pencil

How to get funding if you are self-employed

There are more than 4.3 million people registered as self-employed in the UK. Most will require some kind of business funding at some point so check out how you can maximise your chances of getting approved.

Date: 18 November 2021 By:

A retired man starts his new business venture

Four funding options for your post-retirement start up

There are always several options to fund a start up business but is it different if you have already retired? Four start up business funding options for recent retirees.

Date: 8 September 2021 By:

A piggy bank on a pile of coins

Tips to improve your company finances

Starting and running a successful business is only possible with sufficient start up funds and robust financial management. These tips will help improve your company's finances.

Date: 21 June 2021 By:

A female sole trader gets her invoicing sorted

Solving the payments conundrum

Advice for those starting a small sole-trader business on the challenges ahead - from find suitable services and tech, attracting customers to receiving payments.

Date: 17 May 2021 By:

An entrepreneur worries about his business overheads

Burning through start-up cash? Stop!

Money is tight when you're starting up. Learn some simple techniques that can help you avoid stretching your small business finances.

Date: 13 May 2021 By:

A leaking tap wastes water driving up the ater bill

Why your small business water bill might need attention

Water is essential to the operation of many businesses but that doesn't mean you should overpay for your supply. Tips to reduce your bills.

Date: 13 May 2021 By:

Stressed African-American woman looks frustrated as she doesn't have the money to pay an unexpected expense

Top unforeseen expenses and how to deal with them

You may be organised and have monthly budget for personal and business expenses. But what about those unexpected bills. Learn how to deal with unforeseen bills.

Date: 21 April 2021 By:

A driver in the delivery economy drops off parcels in a COVID secure way

How business fleets can cope with a delivery economy

As businesses adapt to the 'delivery economy', it is more important than ever that small businesses optimise their fleet.

Date: 11 March 2021 By:

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