Guidelines for writing a blog

The Donut blogs are popular, lively and challenging and are aimed squarely at small businesses. We hope the blog posts will spark ideas and ultimately help our readers do business better. Most posts are highly practical and action-orientated. We want to generate debate so content should be thought-provoking with fresh ideas that will get people talking.

Blog guidelines:

  1. Write something interesting and original - we like to publish exclusive content.
  2. Don't use the blog just to plug your business.
  3. Make sure it's relevant to the particular Donut you're writing for: Marketing, Start Up, Tech, Law or Money.
  4. Make sure the content is practical and relevant - don't waffle and stick to the subject. Most blogs are between 600-800 words, but others are longer (although rarely longer than 2,000 words). Google favours longer pieces, providing they are relevant and useful to the reader. The Donut editors will edit copy that isn't relevant.
  5. We reserve the right to edit blogs, and change titles, so that they fit our house style, conform to these guidelines and are optimised for SEO and user experience. We may add relevant links to related content on our Donut sites from your blog.
  6. All Blogs must be credited to an individual or business and usually include a link to your website. Credits are normally one sentence long with one link. If you are a featured Donut expert contributor, we will also put in a link to your profile page.
  7. We don't allow non-relevant external links within the blog nor do we allow links to sites containing gambling/casino/spread betting/adult material.
  8. Above all, make sure your blog is useful and aimed at small businesses.

Please provide a brief credit line and a link to your website with your blog. If possible, include your Twitter handle, so we can include it when we promote your blog on social media.

All blogs are subject to editorial approval. Payment is required prior to publication and can take several days to appear if the credit line is incomplete or payment is delayed. The blog will include a credit to the author at the end and can include a 'no follow' or 'do follow' link (depending on your requirements) to the contributor's website. We will send you a link to the live blog upon publication.

Send your blog to: [email protected]

If you would prefer to publish an advertorial, please let us know and we will send you guidelines.

Terms and conditions: Atom Content Marketing licenses the Donut website content to third parties, with the same content, copyright acknowledgement and credit lines. By blogging on our site you agree to your blog being used in this way. Blogs will not be reproduced, other than on Atom's client sites, without the express permission of the blogger.

What does the * mean?

If a link has a * this means it is an affiliate link. To find out more, see our FAQs.