Chris Barling

Powered Now

Chairman and co-founder



Powered Now

Unit CE5 - Osborne Stable Block, Whippingham Road, 

East Cowes

PO32 6JU

About the company

Starting from 2014, Powered Now has been providing software solutions for around 2,000 smaller trade businesses. These include Electricians, Plumbers, Gas Engineers and Builders and Powered Now provides a comprehensive solution to the administration and paperwork needs.

Included is quoting, invoicing, job sheets, project management, payment, a shared diary, staff tracking, statutory paperwork and much more. Powered Now's apps run on the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac and operate even when there is no signal.

About Chris Barling

Chris Barling is the Chairman of Powered Now, a company he co-founded.

An enthusiastic entrepreneur and business angel, Chris has a passion for helping small businesses take advantage of new technology.

He has over 40 year' experience in the IT industry. Prior to starting Powered Now, Chris founded Actinic (now Sellerdeck) which went public 4 years after founding. He served for many years as the Senior Independent Director of FTSE 100 business Hargreaves Lansdown and has chaired several hi tech startups.

Chris has written hundreds of articles on the business aspects of running a trade business as well as ecommerce for a large range of small business magazines and websites. He has also published three books on ecommerce.

Chris is a keen Arsenal supporter and lives in Devon where he indulges his passion for sailing whenever he gets the chance.


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