Top 20 ideas for starting a trade business


Date: 28 July 2020

A male electrician checks a fuse box

The best business ideas are those where your business can satisfy a customer's need or meet a gap in the market. This is never truer than when your business can solve a customers urgent problem such as a burst pipe, a flat tyre or sort out some dodgy electrics and you're the only person in the area that can help.

If you are a skilled tradesperson, it is likely there is someone who needs your help right now in your local area. Social media is filled with requests for recommendations for reliable and trusted decorators, plumbers, roofers, electricians and numerous other skilled trades.

If working for yourself sounds appealing, one of these trade business start-up ideas could be for you.

  1. Start a building firm or construction-based business

  2. Become an electrician

  3. Start a scaffolding business

  4. Start a waste collection, skip hire, or architectural salvage business or become a scrap metal dealer

  5. Open a tool hire business

  6. Become a painter decorator

  7. Open a builders' merchant

  8. Launch a window fitting business

  9. Start out as a tiler

  10. Become a driveway and patio installer

  11. Start out as a plasterer

  12. Become a plumber

  13. Become a furniture maker or restorer

  14. Become a roofer

  15. Start a tree surgeon business

  16. Start a carpet fitting business

  17. Become a locksmith

  18. Become a burglar alarm fitter

  19. Become a blacksmith

  20. Become a thatcher

If you've got a skilled trade and crave the opportunity of being your own boss, these business ideas could be right up your street. But, if none of these get you fired up, you can always check out the many other start up business ideas we have covered.

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